Trader Options / Settlement Services

A trader needs to make critical, split-second financial decisions on a daily basis. That’s why Lakeside Bank has designed a package of financial services especially for traders. Not only are we equipped to efficiently and profitably manage your daily business banking needs, but Lakeside Bank also has a full-service branch office located conveniently in the Chicago Board of Trade building.

Settlement Services

Lakeside Bank is one of only a handful of banks in the entire world that’s a Settlement Bank for both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) AND the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC).

In today’s regulatory environment, you need a Bank that understands Broker Dealer (BD) and Future Commission Merchant (FCM) demands.

Lakeside Bank specialists have worked in the Broker-Dealer / FCM industry for decades and understand the needs. Experienced Account Managers and Lenders make up the Lakeside team, working closely with our trading community. Over the years, Lakeside has provided products and customized services, quickly adapting to the sector’s rapidly changing environment.

Partnering with you: At Lakeside Bank, we understand the changing needs of the trading community and have created our products with one goal in mind: Make your job easier!

  • Settlement Services: We are a Settlement Bank for both DTCC and CME participants and provide a full series of services to facilitate any Settlement needs.
  • Lending: Secured lending when you need it most: With a variety of lending options Lakeside will work with you to provide your fastest, most effective, and least expensive option specifically designed for your needs.
  • Segregated Funds: Seg funds protecting your customers’ assets and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Treasury Management Services: We offer a wide range of tailored treasury management services to help companies better manage cash flow and streamline the ability in satisfying A/P and A/R operations. For more information on our Treasury Management Services, click here ...
  • Sweep Program: Allows you FDIC insurance designed to your specifications and providing maximum yield.

Why Lakeside Bank: The summary is simple: We’re just the right size, with the power to get things done, quickly. Plus, there’s our industry leading personal service. You’ll have your own personal Lakeside Banker. As we say, “Your money is personal. Your banker should be, too.

During times of market uncertainty and increased regulation, other banks have changed their focus on broker-dealer and FCM markets, often leaving those customers struggling to find new banking and Settlement relationships.

Lakeside Bank supports our customers, providing a safe environment for you and your customers assets. Your personal Lakeside specialist will always be available; comforting when you need something done now. We have one of the most experienced teams for small to mid-size customers in the industry, meaning you’re free from the uncertain moods of big banks or trying to work with a too small and ill-equipped bank. Lakeside Bank is just right. And we’ll be with you for the long haul. We look forward to introducing you to Lakeside!

Membership Financing

Lakeside Bank offers membership financing for CBOT, CME, CBOE, DTC, NSCC, and other major exchanges.

Adjustable Rate Loans

Lakeside Bank offers commercial loans with adjustable rates, indexed to the Prime Lending Rate.

Personal Credit Services

We understand that traders need to have credit available to profitably manage their businesses. Lakeside Bank has a variety of options to help manage your personal and business credit needs.

  • Business lines of credit
  • Home equity credit lines