Steve’s Story

Steve Greenberg – “Celebrating 28 Years With Lakeside”

This is a story about how Steve Greenberg and David Pinkerton of Lakeside Bank have, well, gone through life together.

Steve Greenberg is an entrepreneur. In 1989, at the age of 22, he saw an opportunity to provide the same type of services brokerage firms provide to big clients … but to small ones. The idea clicked. Steve opened his first account at Lakeside that same year. And was assigned to a young banker named David Pinkerton. Steve’s business prospered for years. Of course, Steve also had accounts at other banks. And over the years, he had multiple “relationship managers” at them all. At Lakeside he had David Pinkerton.

Then the downturn happened.

Steve’s experience is instructive: It’s easy to get loans when times are good. When the world changes, that’s when you learn who your real friends are.

Steve found out his “relationship managers” weren’t interested in relationships at all. David Pinkerton & Lakeside viewed things differently. They had invested in Steve. With David’s advice, Steve launched a new business. Because he saw another opportunity. Real estate. Focused on what would become one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods, the West Loop. David and Lakeside helped guide and support this evolving direction.

Steve has different properties in Chicago’s West Loop. But he only has one bank: Lakeside. And only one banker: David Pinkerton.

“Lakeside Bank and David Pinkerton have always been there for me. For 28 years they’ve believed in me. Lakeside is my bank and David is my friend.”