Grace’s Gold

Bankers are, well, “bankers”. Right? Except when they’re not.

This is a story about Grace Marcordes, manager at the Wacker Drive branch of Lakeside Bank.

She’s not your typical banker. First, she’s a tall blonde. In a world of blue-suited middle-aged guys, she stands out.

But “Grace’s Gold” is not about a woman in a man’s world … or the color of her hair.

It’s a story of how, for the past ten years, Grace has kept rolls of gold dollar coins in her top desk drawer and given the coins to children. She’s never told anyone about this. She just does it. Hundreds of kids. It’s her money, not Lakeside’s. Grace doesn’t even remember why she started doing this, but she keeps doing it because she loves the reaction it gets from kids and their parents. Especially the kids. “Their eyes just light up” she says. “Gold coins are unique and likely to be saved, so if this gesture from me helps kids start a lifelong savings habit, then I’ve really helped them.”

Recently, an invitation landed on Grace’s desk. For a piano recital. From 11 year-old Ella. One of the kids Grace has been giving coins to over the years. Now that’s golden.