Lakeside Bank

First, you’ll get your own Kids Count! Savings Account*! OK, this may sound boring, but it’s not! Your money will earn the same interest rate that adults get with Lakeside’s Shoreline Money Market** account! This is a big deal. Most banks treat kids, well, like kids. And pay much lower interest rates. We don’t think that’s fair!

You also get your own Kids Count! Coin Collecting Book. When it’s filled with quarters, bring it in to your Lakeside Bank and we’ll deposit them into your Savings Account. And you can watch your savings grow.

A very good-looking Lakeside Piggy Bank comes with every account! So you can save even more money! When it’s full, bring it in to Lakeside. We’ll count your coins and paper money … and deposit it into your account so your savings can grow even faster.

We have all kinds of fun gifts when you make deposits. The more you deposit, the better the prizes get.

You’ll also get free educational materials to help you learn how money works. Fun & easy to use books. We promise you’ll like these! And find them useful.

And there are invitations to FREE events and activities all year. (Once we’re back to a more normal world, of course.)

And we’ll remember your Birthday every year … with another Lakeside gift!

This is a club that counts! Which is why we call it, Kids Count! We hope you’ll become a member. Have your parents or guardian bring you to their Lakeside Bank branch today so you can all sign up!