Lakeside Bank

At Lakeside it’s Safety First!


For every one of our 57 years, safety has been the first priority of your Bank. It always will be.

You may have heard negative news about the banking industry. Two banks made high risk financial management errors. They were quickly taken over by the federal government. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), quickly stepped in and assured all depositors of these two banks they were secure. No matter the size of their account. The FDIC did exactly what it was created to do.

This is the perfect time to reassure you about the American banking system in general and Lakeside Bank in particular.

First, please know the industry is secure. Banks have access to liquidity. They have sound and varied deposit bases. And with tighter regulations since ’08, banks are well in excess of capital regulatory requirements. America’s banks are solid and resilient and there is broad confidence in our banking system.

Lakeside has always been completely secure. Our liquidity rates and capital ratios are extremely strong and dramatically above government requirements. To be specific, Lakeside has more than double the amount of capital to be considered “well-capitalized”. Compared to our national peer group, our capital ratio is in the 85th percentile. As an example of our strength, during the difficult 2008 – 2012 period, Lakeside outperformed 95% of the banking market across multiple measures.

Returning to today, Lakeside had a record year in 2022. We helped more individuals & more companies across more Chicagoland neighborhoods.

We’re always here if you have questions. Feel free to stop by, call, email or text your Lakeside Banker. We can also help with insured savings options. We even have products where millions and millions of dollars can be FDIC insured all right here at Lakeside.

For 57 years, and for all the years to come, you can be confident in our carefully considered, conservative, financial practices.




David Pinkerton
President & Vice Chairman
Lakeside Bank