Lakeside Bank

Guard your capital with Lakeside Bank’s Sentry!
And earn winning interest.

Lakeside Bank’s Sentry Money Market is offered to both businesses and retail clients. It has a $25,000 minimum and a “tiered” interest rate. Meaning the more you invest, the more you earn. Importantly, Sentry allows large deposits. Other
money market accounts are capped at $1,000,000.

A Lakeside Sentry Money Market account provides instant flexibility for businesses with excess working capital. And Sentry is a superb money market option for individual high net worth investors who also want flexibility and a higher interest
rate. Also, there are no monthly restrictions on the number of withdrawals that may be made with Sentry.

Talk to your personal Lakeside Bank Business or Retail Banker for more information on our Sentry Money Market. If you’re new to Lakeside, and would like to learn more, please call or email one of the Lakesiders that follow:

Steve Karlin
VP, Business Banker
[email protected]

Tara Nerko
VP, Market Manager / Business Banker
[email protected]

Roxanne Rains
VP, Business Banker
[email protected]

Yman Vien
VP, Business Banker
[email protected]