Remote Deposit

This product allows you to deposit funds without leaving the office! It is designed for businesses located a long distance from a Lakeside Bank branch, businesses that have multiple locations, businesses with small to medium amounts of non-cash deposits, and businesses that want to save time.

  • No endorsing or sorting checks
  • No preparing deposit slips
  • No waiting in lines
  • No couriers
  • Scan checks and send to centralized processing location via secure internet connection
  • On-site archive provides easy accessibility when research is necessary


The Advantages

  • Reduced deposit preparation and transportation time.
  • Consolidation of accounts means simplified reconciliation.
  • On-site image archive expedites collection of returned items.


Who Benefits?

  • Businesses located a long distance away from a Lakeside Bank branch.
  • Businesses with multiple locations.
  • Businesses with a small to medium amount of non-cash deposits.
  • Businesses that want to save time.


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Express Deposit

Goodbye costly, time-consuming payment processing. Hello cash flow.

This deposit remittance product allows Lakeside to receive and process your customers’ payments to complete deposit transactions and make funds quickly available which you can then review.

It is ideal for real estate property managers; medical and dental practices; marketing and media firms; attorney, consulting, and accounting practices; multiple-client service organizations; contractors; manufacturing companies; and wholesale businesses. Through our personal service, we can customize a processing program to interface with your systems to satisfy all of your business’ needs.

  • Payments come direct – to your Post Office Box
  • Same day processing
  • Electronic data file reporting
  • Fast cash availability
  • Multiple document handling
  • Partial payment processing
  • Timely, accurate data reporting
  • Secure data with authorized access
  • Promotes improved cash flow