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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


Music inspires and connects—shaping thoughts and moods, defining both moments and enduring movements. Music is who and what we are. It reflects humanity. Teaching music … the appreciation, creation and joy of it … is essential. It’s precisely what VanderCook College of Music uniquely does.

Since 1909, VanderCook College of Music has educated music teachers. It’s the only exclusively music teacher education school in America, providing teachers for children in every state of the Union and countries around the world. VanderCook is a Chicago treasure! And we’re proud VanderCook has been a Lakeside Bank client for many years.

We invite you to join us at a benefit concert for VanderCook. Two VanderCook professors and internationally renowned musicians will perform—Yang & Olivia. Yang & Olivia met as college students. At the last minute, Olivia asked Yang to turn pages for her at a performance. They had never talked before. That night, over Olivia’s music, they fell in love and eventually married. Inspiring an understanding and love of music is as important to them as performing. So, they both chose to teach at VanderCook.

Help us Move Minds!

Join us September 28th and support VanderCook College of Music

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