New MobiMoney puts you in charge of your Lakeside MasterCard debit card! Some of the things you and your phone can do with MobiMoney:

*Lock and unlock your debit card if it’s lost or stolen. Can’t find your card? Just pull up the MobiMoney app on your phone and zap … frozen. Found your card in your coat pocket? Get back on the app and instantly unfreeze it.

*Monitor all transactions. See weekly and monthly spending totals, account balances and more.

*Receive text alerts when the card is used. A great thing if you’ve given your college-aged son or daughter a Lakeside debit card!

*Set spending limits … and even direct how and where your Lakeside MasterCard debit card may be used. As examples, you can set the geography where your card is accepted. You can specify the type of transactions permitted (in store, e-commerce, mail / telephone, bill payment, auto pay, mobil wallet and ATM’s) or even the kind of merchant where your card can be used! Specific categories here include department stores, entertainment, gas station, groceries, restaurants and more.

It’s easy to get MobiMoney. Just download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores. Once downloaded, click on New User to begin the registration process. You’ll be asked to enter your Lakeside MasterCard debit card number followed by security information. When prompted, choose to allow “push notifications” so you can take full advantage of MobiMoney’s benefits.

MobiMoney is your key to complete control of your Lakeside Bank MasterCard debit card. Sign up today!