Lakeside Bank

The minimum for the 5.25% CD Special is $2,500.00. The maximum is $250,000.00. The CD must be at least 20% “new money”, meaning funds not currently on deposit at Lakeside Bank. If new funds at or above 20% of the total account are not provided, a 5.00% CD rate will be in effect. To secure either rate, funds must remain on deposit throughout the 13-month period. Funds may not be added once the account is opened. Interest will be compounded and credited quarterly. The account will mature 13 months after the opening date and automatically renew to the standard one-year CD rate in effect at Lakeside Bank at that time. Early withdrawal subject to penalty. Interest rates subject to change. Lakeside Bank reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Rate effective July 14, 2023.