Lakeside Bank


CARES Act Information

The Coronavirus has changed everything.

Except at Lakeside Bank. For 54 years Lakeside has built client relationships through a unique blend of Personal Service and being just the right size to get things done.

Moving with speed and determination, we secured much needed assistance for our clients. While big banks may have frozen customers out, we welcomed ours with open arms. (Well, not literally open arms. Lakeside follows proper social distancing.)

The Coronavirus has inflicted great harm on the economy. Your bank shouldn’t make it worse. Lakeside Bank is helping its clients obtain loans and grants to maintain their businesses and pay employees.

“Thank you for contacting Lakeside Bank regarding the CARES / PPP program. Due to the high volume of demand, Lakeside is not currently accepting new applications. Our focus is on completing pending loans and assisting clients. We appreciate your understanding.”